All Stories

There’s much to be said about keeping things in life upbeat and lighthearted.  Most of my work is centered around the whimsical, joyful and adventurous moments in life.  I like to keep it that way most of the time.  But occasionally, when the mood strikes me, I feel propelled to make a more emotionally driven piece.  Inevitably, when I take the opportunity to create pieces straight from the heart, they end up being some of my favorite ones. 

I won’t go into detail about the emotions lying behind the piece I painted last week, that’s up to your own interpretation.  I wouldn’t want to influence your personal translation with hints or clues.  That’s what I love so much about art, that it can mean so many different things to each individual, based on your own life experiences.  

The title of this piece is “All Stories Must Come to an End.”  I hope it stirs something in you.  Please let me know if it does. 


Brooke Weeber 2016