Blog Post One!

Hello dear friends!


Welcome to my first blog post on my new website.  Thanks for coming!  I intend to use this blog as a place to share random thoughts, updates on my artwork, recount weekend adventures and maybe tell a joke or two (I'll try to keep that to a minimum).  I’m no virgin to blogging.  I abandoned an older blog years ago when it started to feel like too much of a chore.  Spending hours forming thoughtful posts each week was incredibly time consuming and I didn’t feel the benefits outweighed the disadvantages.  Ultimately, though, I regret having given up on something that I did really loved doing.  Above all, I've really missed writing.  I truly hope that I can keep up on this one.  I certainly can promise to try!  And on that note, let’s begin with blog post number one:


Never say it’s too late to teach an old dog new tricks (me being the old dog in this scenario).  I’ve come a long way since art school.   I went to the University of Oregon for oil painting with the intention of becoming a fine artist.  I didn’t take a single course in digital art or multi-media.  I was dedicated to the hands-on approach when it came to art making.  I stuck with that intention for another 13 years (holy cow, I can’t believe I graduated that long ago!).  Until recently, I sort of scoffed at digital art, sticking my snobby nose up at almost anything created using a computer program.  Not that I don’t think it lacks skill or talent, but more of a soul that was always missing for me. There's something that I will always find irreplaceable about making art by hand.  It's a certain human connection that's recognizable and often lost when you create a piece solely using computer graphics.  I guess I can be stubborn and a little old school sometimes.  Well some things are (finally) about to change.  I’ve been teaching myself how to color my drawings digitally in photoshop.  I’ve found a technique that I am quite drawn to.  Starting with a shaded pencil drawing I make by hand and scanning it in to the computer, I then continue to complete the work by coloring it digitally.  I’ve been enjoying it so much, in fact, that I’ve bought a Wacom tablet and am impatiently awaiting it’s arrival in my mailbox.  I can't wait to free myself from the mouse and  truly unlock my digital drawing potential! 

Below you can see my most recent attempt at this brand new (to me) art form.  

Starting with this pencil drawing of a cool Red Panda Ranger...

Boom, he comes to life! 

I hope this is the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.  I promise not to abandon the hands-on approach to art.  Watercolors will continue to remain my favorite method of expressing myself.  But as I finally step into the 21st century digital world, I hope to attract a more diverse set of clients, therefore continuing to do what I love as my full time job.  Onwards and upwards, as they say!